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T-Back Queen Ai Iijima Teaches How to Masterbate

But we don't know. And quite frankly, it's none of our business. I think it would be fair to assume that when people like Ijima appear they will will always be badgered by certain reporters about certain questions for certain reasons e. At an event to promote her book, which iijima people would assume is to be a exciting thing, she would obviously be unhappy when some reporter comes along and asks questions that are completely irrelevant.

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By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts. A mix of what's trending on our other sites. Yokohama Guide Match schedule. She is believed to have died around a week before her body was found by an acquaintance.

You play you pay. NPA offering flowery tribute to dead body. May lively soul rest in peace. It seemed to take a long time to report on her 'unknown' cause of death. From sexy zlata so it must be true: Kevin Lee Brooke.

Nice and sympathetic Husker. She was great to watch on TV and she had guts. Lesson learned: Money is not everything and brings you little friends. Be careful out there, chaps and chapesses - HIV is still a reality, even in Japan. She was a coward about what, may I ask? And was supposed slut in the shower tell what truth? My condolences to Ms.

Iijima family and friends. No more need to be said. The pneumonia is true -however they are not telling the whole story here.

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Badsey, One can champion a cause without becoming a poster-child for that cause. Show us the proof please or it would be a good idea to retract your statement. Facebook users Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. Facebook Connect. What's Happening This Greatest porn End: You all know that JT and the ilk are reporting based on sensationalism and with no need for concrete facts.

There aren't any names beginning with X in Japan anyway. So often on the gossip shows,people are interviewed from the neck down. But these people don't know jack. Just like the cops. That would explain a lot, iijima the different prescription drugs.

Oh, wait then they couldn't conveniently blame the dead person. J-cops, alwasy thinking. Are we expecting a toxicology report? If so and I would hope it's part of any investigation the toxicology report should close the case. I would guess an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Why do so many JT readers figure Yakuza conspiracies into everything? Is there a particular reason that the simplest explanation isn't the best one?

I think JT keeps mentioning her as "porn star" iijima that the story will come up in more searches that people may make.

Ai Iijima died of pneumonia; no foul play, say police - Japan Today

So iijima people search for "porn star Japan" then this story will be in the results. Although should be said this particular article is from Shukan Post, but I know exactly what you're getting at. Never seen her "act", but she doesn't iijima all that. Certainly an original alias Plus she stole my idea on making original tight leather pants tube fun sex toys. Empty, shallow, devoid of the desire for personnal empowerment, materialistically obsessed and immoral.

Why all this hatred among so many JT commentators? I am no fan of her, but among all the vacuous clowns on TV here, she was not the worst, to the contrary.

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Your friendly translation police division. What a load of bitter, misogynistic garbage. It does a great disservice to millions of women, and doesn't reflect all that well on yourself either. In my humble and uninformed opinion, she died of AIDS. She quit the "geinokai" to protect her privacy. Why else would she had quit at the height of her popularity? Her health was failing, hair and teeth were falling out, and iijima wasn't able to go out and talk to or meet people like a normal person. Overall, a remarkable life!

Iijima was refreshing and absolutely beautiful, especially when she was young before she had her operations. Fuji TV made a four-hour mini-serial and Toho a movie based on the book. Both were toned down. By now she had become an AIDS activist, something which is rare in Japan, and had worked with the United Nations and the Japanese government among others. By she was in ill health and had taken time off from appearing in variety shows.

There was a report that her talent agency, or employee thereof, had ripped off the equivalent of a million dollars from her and she was in emotional and physical pain. She was She had suffered from kidney and urinary tract infection. She was found dead woman fingering herself hey Shibuya, Tokyo apartment in on December 24th, The autopsy report assessed that she had been dead for a week.

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