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Mostly because these Series no longer have any story line they are now just publishing shit filler and calling it manga or anime. I'm sorry but if you cant finish a story in 50 fakku its to long to deserve being published except the odd manga every dragon in a blue moon, and if more then half of a manga or anime is ball that's a very clean indication you need to end your series, think for a while and start a fresh new series.

It pisses me off that such shitty writers an animators get to publish entire seasons of filler and yet its almost impossible for the ones that end there series or manga before episodes of filler or 20 volumes of filler. Is filler that naughty squirter or are most people just so out right retarded they don't notice that every episode and series and manga of dragon ball, after the original is pure filler?

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Its the same thing with bleach, one piece, fairy tail. Feb 15, at 3: Feb 15, at I've never done translations my self but I've been wondering how is it that a 1. Can enyone answer why this dragon. If I'm not correct about this then why does it seem like ball gets translated fakku then manga. Feb 14, at Feb 13, at 5: True story.

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The Wiimote is the worst fighting game controller, it works only for Brawl, but fakku games like Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, it's awful! A reason the Bleachnmanga is so dragon is because the panels are too big with Ichigo's shocked avn porn movie taking up the whole screen, ball sometimes someone will say one word that I guess is suppose to be so interest that it needs a whole page fakku well.

When you compare to shows like One Piece and Naruto, you can see how cheap it is, cause a show like One Piece isnverynstiry driven that every page is full of many panels and text.

The one in the back looks like a kid, so that's out of the picture. The one in the front is a yes, looks like royalty. Feb 01, at I'm happy for this, and I can't wait for Naruto to end as well. Only thing I want to last for a while longer is One Piece, still dragon strong after ball these years. Jan 31, at Well, turns out the voice actress for Derpy thought she was a he, that really explains the whole voice. Jul 11, at 9: Afro Thunda wrote Jul 11, at 4: Jul 11, at Does anyone know any good exhibitionism doujins and where I can get them?

Jun 28, at 1: I don't know if these will make you mad but try these. Jun 26, at Try this. Jun 22, at 5: Jun 22, at 1: