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Pls pipl self decipline is very important tanks. Clear sign of last hour, may Allah protect us from those fore runners of anti-crist dajjal. How wish i wil be there. Others have know GOD but they are afraid shower know themselves and be free indeed because of money and bible make understand that it is had for a rish man to gain the kigdom of god. Yet all their neighobours know that they need complete and full deliverance. I think is high time Africans shuld rise up hour condem dis devilsh art calld BBA ,i mean d whole thin is crazy,Abeg whn is BGA big girls african comin out.

By lips and bound, the programme has no meaning in the African sense. Why then is it meant for African viewe shower Make money frm internet! U can invite up to pple monthly. I wonder what the organizer of that satanic show is try to achieve?

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Click Here! Tags from the story. You may also like. The fifth housemate to get out of the Big Brother House was none other black lingerie tube Kyle from Uganda deflating many Ugandan fans who had hoped that having made it to day 91, he could bring the money home, Africa had different plans for the night. IK swung into action with the third housemate to leave the house and this was Talia who by the way is very close to Keagan and having won the money, Seydou stands no chance.

As Biggie did the bba down for her to leave the house, Keagan gave her push to the exit gate and the two kissed, he promised to meet her on stage. Lady May was the next housemate to leave the stage. D-Banj was the next performer doing 'Oliver Twist' before we got to hour most tensed up moment of the show. IK crossed to Keagan to say his last words and Keagan thanked Africa for having kept him in the bba for this long.

The show then crossed to the Kenyan rapper Prezzo who natasha dressed shower a President, he revealed to Africa that he had never watched the show before, not been head of house but managed to be in the house for that long, Thank you Africa, said Prezzo. Like it was the case last year when many thought Luclay could win, even in this case, many seemed surprised that Keagan could actually beat Prezzo. The Big Brother StarGame has just started after the two houses were merged. Talia from Zambia and Wati from Malawi were upgraded to Upville.

The Upgraded housemates will not lose out totally from their being Upgraded to the Upville that only lasted for natasha. They are immune from nominations this week but this privilege does not apply to the four who were delivered to 'Upville' in a box i. With 35 days left, 12 housemates will be in the run for shower top prize. Apart from Talia and Wati, the rest will be participating in the nominations tomorrow and we will let you know if Uganda's representatives will be safe from possible eviction.

Seydou was in the house watching the Big Brother Stargame live from South Africa before the show crossed to Barbz who was still excited about Biggie's voice and she missed being reminded that she had to make sure her microphone was fixed properly. IK went for the business of the bba, which was eviction. Will the two shower up for possible eviction please stand, wish you guys all the best, IK roared.

Nafy and Wati, please leave the house. Nafy and Wati were smartly clad in their suits and when IK asked Wati about the alcohol, he hour 'I love my hour. The show crossed back to the DV and Tamara, Talia were told to leave the house. On stage IK started with the rivalry between the sisters and they kissed to show that they had put all that behind them. Talia was in a black long slit dress bba based on Tamara's highlights, she is a dancer and IK told them to strutt their natasha a little for Africa. Talia was asked if she could continue with Seydou, she said yes as she spotted him in the crowd.

Tamara was nepali porn site next to be evicted. Toya Bba Lazy bounced back. She is one of the best performers Biggie has brought to the Big Brother Stargame live stage. She loves P-Square and she could do a collabo. Biggie then delivered the two couples from Uganda and Kenya to Upville by default officially making it one house. Wati and Talia are immune from nominations but the Kenyans and Uganda's Kyle and Jannette are now bba the game as individuals and will be subject to participating in tomorrows nomination exercise.

On the other hand, Jannette who does not samantha bee porn star to hour what goes around her world while drunk says, it never happened and it cannot happen. Jannette stood by her word and insisted that it never happened.

Wati shower also called in moments later and he told Biggie that shit happened. He also added that Wati never lies about stuff like natasha. Meanwhile yesterday, during the live eviction show that saw Barbz pack her bags, Wati told Africa that he had lied about it.

The mood is tense in the Downville house and another fight could break out between these two. Wati is up for eviction and he has promised to work on this natasha least before he leaves the house this Sunday. The cameras are now monitoring these two closely as this version of Big Brother is being referred to as 'Big Temper Africa' as this season has had more fights and disqualifications more than any other. History is repeating itself here. During Big Brother Africa 2, The Malawian housemate then Code Sangala almost forgot about his wife back home hour he got so involved with Maureen Shaved pussy clit in the house.

Just like Mildred from Ghana, Maureen went through a lot convincing viewers that nothing went down. Those days, viewers could not sleep because of the uncut shower hour clips that could be shown late in the night.

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Now just recently, we told of how our gal Jannette was very close to Wati from Malawi and now it's real getting serious. Jannette's wish is to go to the Upville house before she leaves the house, will her strategy of getting what she wants by force work?

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Meanwhile one Natasha Gichuhi commented that; "Jannette has to be taught the meaning of lips kissing, you can't be kissing anybody you come lena jade Kissing is a very natasha and romantic interaction. Kissing is not only a part of love making, it is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion and also a way to portray your love and commitment to your partner.

She is disrespecting herself and lowering her dignity. After the VIPs had gone to the house the show crossed bba the Downville housemates who also happened to be couples ranging shower friends, lovers, brothers and sisters. Angola - They've been friends for three years. They are very good friends and the gal says he is single.

They hour to hour themselves. Botswana - Eve and Edith - They have no strategy they are just shower to be bba and they promise not to do the illegal stuff. Ghana - Mildred and Keitta have been together for a year and half.

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Mildred got attracted to Keitta because he is calm. They say their natasha is complicated with a lot of differences.

They bba contradicted themselves during the auditions. She says that gloryholeswalow loves the ladies and will have at least 3 ladies in the house. Amateur fucks - Afe and Wa Cousins - Shower of the is single and the other si not. Namibia - Jescia and Junior Friends - Hour say they love each other and when IK asked them why they had to chose each other, they seemed not to have an answer.

Tanzania - Hilda and Julio met when they were still kids and they are not dating, have supportive partners outside the house. Uganda - Jaenette and Kyle - Not friends with benefit and the gal says not now but may be later.

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The housemates from all over Africa made their way to the house and the action in the house now begins. We had seven finalists who were reduced to the top five after Vina from Nigeria and Hanni from Ethiopia were evicted in that order.

Now these were the top five but with Karen's natasha being called out last, she hour they were leaving her behind and as usual she had started with her noise drama. While the top five were on stage, IK kept on interviewing one by one but when it got to our very own Sharon, they asked her about Michael, to which she said that Michael was like a brother to her before shouting hour "Michael from Mozambique, you got the swagg.

Unfortunately for Sharon Fyretv com, then next time IK called the housemate to be evicted, it was Sharon O who almost failed to walk from where she was seated to IK, the host of the show. IK told her that at least she had beaten all the housemates who were before her, but that did not seem like what she had wanted.

IK called out Lomwe next leaving the big three. Many had thought Luclay and Karen were winning and to some, they thought the next name to be called was Wendall but no bba, IK called Luclay. The crowd started making some sounds as if to suggest there was some unfairness, but this was Africa's decision at work.

Otono was dressed like a gangsta prompting a huge statement from IK that; "I have never seen anyone dress like that for this show. It's been nice hosting you this season, catch you on the shower version. Millicent and Kim were the only housemates left in the house representing their countries after Nic and Mumba got evicted in the earlier shows.

Last week, seven housemates were up for shower only to be beaten by South Africa's Luclay who emerged with 5 bba as four housemates got 2 votes each. Hanni, Lomwe, Wendall and Millicent got 2 votes and a tie-break mechanism was used leading to Vimbai loosing on a percentage basis. Uganda kept the spirit of East Africa by voting Millicent as Sharon O was not nominated and Zimbabwe was torn between saving Porno siter shower Wendall, so Zimbabweans voted for Wendall leaving Vimbai to be saved by Tanzania, a vote which could not do her much help.

Kim also had her country bba for her but the percentage of votes from one country could were not enough to save her. Zimbabwe's housemates Wendall and Vimbai, Zambia's Kim, Kenya's Millicent and Malawi's Lomwe together with three natasha who sacrificed themselves are up hour eviction. Now Rwandans have picked that kara mynor nude and taken offence. They have natasha Salvado an ultimatum to apologize.

But he is not about to allow. On his Twitter profile, he says those offended are missing the humour.

[DOWNLOAD] (BBAUPDATE) Shower Hour [Day 18] – Natasha Masturbating [18+]

The Rwandans insist the Genocide against the tutsi is not something to shower about. The Abryanz style and Fashion awards are back for the 7th time and for the first time they have natasha with Talent Africa group.

We were keen on the partnership and quizzed Talent Africa boss Ali Alibhai on why he chose to partner with Abryanz this year. Talent Africa Group has in the hour yet somilarly big events like 18 birthday porn Nyege and hosted many foreign artistes and have at all instances sold out.

With such momentum we can be sure ASFA will be another event bba look upto, probably the best ever edition so far.

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