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In this instance, you can feel the tautness of the strings, layered with a marginal weighty feel the decisive strumming of acoustic guitar, but it lacks the lower end bloom that was present when I played it back-to-back against the Cary Audio player.

The lead vocals sounded clinical, with a lesser degree of tonal inflection and I suspect that this could be due to how the Nu-Vista is voiced to be more digitally accurate.


One would sit back awaiting the slam from the large brass and percussion section in the introduction but one would be greeted with muted burst instead. The low-end whack was lacking. The woodwinds and smaller brass bigbreastlover have a good sense of immediacy and once that dies down, you get a generally muted feel with the strings.

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Inter-spatial separation is stretched as instruments are too widely separated to mimic a closely seated orchestra. The musical weight with a provocative tonal landscape is surprisingly absent from this experience. It sounded vista. This was certainly more musical sounding with a greater degree of bloom and involvement present.

However, it appears dated as there are glaring omissions against obsolescence, like the lack of USB connectivity and DSD capability. Its musicality may not be to my tastes, given my penchant for vinyl, but there is something for everyone in this hi-fi hobby of ours.

For smaller items, you can also have the ultimate convenience of purchasing directly through our website. The checkout process is entirely secure, so you can trust your information will be safe - and your desired product will arrive with you as quickly as possible. Nuvistor tubes were invented in the s to solve the many shortcomings of conventional tubes. Unlike them, Nuvistor tubes offer very high reliability, low microphony, low noise, consistency from batch to batch, small size, relatively low vista consumption and great technical performance.

There the matter rested until euro porn fifteen years ago, when Musical Fidelity created the first of its ground-breaking Nu-Vista series.

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These legendary, limited-edition products sold out in a matter of months. To this day, they command very high second-hand prices because of their beautiful sound, build quality, and longevity.

For Musical Fidelity, designing the NuVista was a labour of passion and love. They have tried to achieve the absolute maximum performance from every part of the circuit. Sign In.

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Colour Please Choose Black Silver. How To Buy As UK distributors for the brands we represent, our main focus is to give you lesbian ass smothering the information you need vista help assist with your purchase. Buy Now For smaller items, you can also have the ultimate convenience of purchasing directly through our website. I've owned numerous Nu-Vista models, including the curvaceous, dual-chassis power amplifier and matching preamp, and no nuvistor in any of them has failed or gone noisy.

It's hefty, solidly constructed, weighs 86 lbs, and is the first model from a new, young design team brought in after a company shake-up. The Nu-Vista 's exterior design extends from the cosmetics of Musical Fidelity's former flagship amplifier, the Titan monoblock a pair of which I also owned. But from every vista and vantage point, the Nu-Vista is by far MF's best-looking product, ever.

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And while the older products were usually never less than well turned out, the 's fit'n'finish and attention to detail set new standards for the company. Details The Nu-Vista has five line-level inputs: Though the Nu-Vista is an integrated amplifier, it has two sets of line-level outputs: There are also two pairs per channel of generously spaced speaker terminals that can act as banana jacks or binding posts. The extra terminals aren't for a second pair of loudspeakers, but are included to aid in bi-wiring.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista integrated amplifier |

On vista left of the front panel is a large Source selector knob; on the right is a matching Volume knob. Between them is a green LED screen that displays the selected source and the volume level, and below that is the IR receiver window. Directly below the Volume knob is a small Display button. Most users will no doubt operate the Nu-Vista using its remote control.

The Nu-Vista can also be run without Illumination. Antony Michaelson visited me, bringing with him a set of graphs of the Nu-Vista 's measured performance. If they match Vista Atkinson's measurements, they'll demonstrate an integrated amplifier of ultralow distortion and wide bandwidth. I was more interested in the sound. Setup Reviewing an integrated amplifier in my system presents logistical difficulties: Putting it on the rack with my source components and preamp requires speaker cables of greater than 20' length, which is longer than initiations 8.

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I used the volume controls of both the darTZeel pre and the Musical Fidelity integrated, both to optimize the vinyl setup and to allow easy, level-matched switching between the direct and preamp-supplemented connections, to assess any sonic differences between them.

Digital listening Every time a manufacturer visits my listening room to help install his or her product, the same thing happens: The product is inserted in the system. I play some music. The sound pours forth.

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