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He added: And at the same time use it in a way to do good because it's so much part of like a bigger picture and Paul's legacy.

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I'm just really excited. Paul secretly set up his charity following the Haitian earthquake inbut was determined to keep it under the radar and out of the spotlight. People know Paul as the car guy, but he created Reach Out Worldwide because he actually wanted to get his hands dirty and wanted to help people and he didn't want to get the publicity for that.

And so it's an honor.

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It's my responsibility in a sense to keep that going. This article originally appeared in The Sun. Especially considering [the violence] I had just been through, I wanted to taste life again. In stark contrast to that sultry scene is a show-stopper that has Gazelle's face being held down while an evil hockey team takes aim at it.

Paul Walker: Jessica Alba and Paul Walker Hot Sex Scene +18

Luckily the sun-drenched leading man — who also stars in current box-office champ "Eight Below" — didn't take as much of a beating while learning to affect a New Jersey accent.

With the East Coast thing, sex more just from watching mobster movies. Walker added that he worked with a dialect coach while perfecting his "Scared" persona, but that it really snapped into place once he walked on set opposite one of the all-time greats of gangster latina orgasm tumblr. I think he was the one I really needed to just kind of give me that paul in the butt, scene, 'Hey man, don't be afraid.

Now, with some help from Palminteri, the star is coming to theaters everywhere walker a film very unlike your typical Paul Walker movie. But while he may not like his character, he sure does like the performance.

Paul Walker Says Washing-Machine Sex Scene Makes 'Running Scared' More Realistic - MTV

Check out everything we've got on "Running Scared. Running Scared Nudebutt, straight Biography The perfect Paul Walker was an American actor. Filmography Takers - as John Rahway.

Nudebutt, shirtless Unfortunately this doesn't lead to naked grappling, but the bare butts are stupendous!

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Nudebutt, straight Joy Ride - as Lewis Thomas. Nudebutt, shirtless A bit more of Paul and Steve's butt from this deleted scene.

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Tom Hardy. Heath Ledger.

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Channing Tatum. Nick Jonas. Man About Mr.