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The Portuguese version is for sale in the store. If anyone has the Spanish version, miranda a copy with English or French dubbing or subtitles, please let me know. Miranda is the Soledad who released records as a pop singer.

Her hair is light-colored and hot wonderful to see her cute rock and roll dancing Furthermore, Soledad was proud of this film. It's also fun to hear her speak Portuguese.

Alfonso Nieva Stars: Spain - Spanish This is a short travel documentary with a fictional representation about a couple of lovers traveling across the soledad of Lisbon and Estoril, Portugal. Hot topic is described as "Travel for couples in Lisbon and Estoril. Tourism, monuments". Read the bio page for more details and the eerie coincidence between this movie and Soledad's death. This movie is something of a holy grail among Soledad fans, considering the circumstances of filming.

Soledad fans cannot see it because: Though it has been preserved digitally the film was very deteriorated and in bad need of preservationit big tits bangers only through special miranda that I was able to see this film and hot strict rules that I am not allowed to upload any video. However, you can see hot the photos that Soledad looks perhaps more beautiful than in any of her other films, and the reason should be obvious: Spain - Spanish This romantic comedy was filmed in Madrid and released in November Soledad plays a girl whose boyfriend takes her on a date.

Unfortunately hot him, she decides to bring her little brother along. In a bizarre fantasy sequence, Soledad is a cave woman captured by a gorilla! Soledad Dutch movie website calls it "a silly film, saved by some interesting observations. It's a good example of her comedic talent. She remains believable even in the strangest of sequences.

Soledad who doesn't want to see cave-woman Soledad? Spain - Spanish This movie is about romantic and social intrigue among young well-to-do summer vacationers at the beach. With a theme of mundane modern life in the upper echelons, it deals with miranda and frivolity. A press ad advises that "it could have happened miranda summer A Dutch movie website summarizes: There is a suggestive contrast between the femininity of Miranda and that of Kocsis. In a magazine article about the film, Soledad was said miranda have run up the beach crying of joy after the sports expert for the movie taught her to drive the boat.

She had to live up to costar Margit Kocsis, whom she had watched filming miranda water skiing scene an hour before. Since her boat lesson went well, Soledad felt confident about her stunt. Unfortunately, the scene seems to have been cut from the film!

Although the film began shooting in Octoberit was not released until November One of Soledad's largest roles to date, it was an important role for Soledad. She's beautiful and charming. Currito de la Soledad would soon top that list. Rafael Gil Stars: It was the fourth and definitive cinematic version of that book, which was about bullfighting with a stellar cast and the first shot in color.

Previous versions had been made in, and ; all were Spanish. Soledad is the leading lady in this tale of unrequited love. This movie was filmed in Madrid the inaugural film made at Roma studios in the village of FuencarralMurcia, and Seville, Spain. The director stated in an interview hot "Soledad Miranda my hot wife movies be a surprise and, immediately soledad, a great reality of our cinema.

The girl has figure, youth, charm and grace. She knows how to laugh and sing, to be fashionably dressed - without seeming so - and naturally shed tears when it suits the film. This movie is available on Blu-Ray and is for sale in the store. In this movie we see Soledad stretch her drama muscles in a challenging role in which she evolves from a silly girl into a mature single mother. She acts alongside some of Spain's leading men in her sizable hot. She also sings a heartfelt song during a religious procession and we later see her flamenco dancing.

She is very gorgeous and sophisticated-looking in soledad film. Furthermore, Soledad was extremely proud of this film; it was her favorite throughout her career. Bullfighting, however, is a deplorable sport and this movie is very graphic. Filming began in Spain in and it was released in August Miranda looks beautiful as always, yet quite different from her well-known films of There is a wonderful scene where she performs a traditional Greek dance for the other members of the expedition.

Interestingly enough, this movie miranda two actresses who would go on to become cult stars of European horror movies: Soledad, of course, and also Ingrid Pitt, who said: I don't remember much about it, except that it was very cheap! It's another miranda for Soledad fans as she soledad a large role and this was also a movie distributed internationally. The movie is worth watching just for her dance!

The biggest bonus is getting to see her act alongside miranda young Ingrid Pitt, another soledad legend. This is a pretty cheesy movie, but the suspense is actually good in places and Soledad looks great and handles the material well. Fernando Palacios Stars: Spain - Spanish This comedy was released in September It is a sequel to La gran familia ; by the same directorwhich was one of the most famous films of Spanish cinema. The enormous box office success of La gran familia led to two sequels: La familia y Soledad plays a young wealthy hot with bad eyesight she wears a pair of oversized glasses.

Soledad car crashes several times in the movie with the lead actor's car. Soledad herself drove the car for the stunts. One of the crashes was a bit too hard and it made Soledad afraid of driving. Click here for a synopsis, pictures, and video from La familia y She's very cute korean home made porn funny, plus you see her driving a car and wearing ridiculously huge glasses!

She is really pretty and amusing, with her meadow lane porn star appearance, beautiful smile, soledad her stunning big black eyes.

Out of my collection of hundreds of articles about Soledad, only two mention this project. One from said that hot was going to do the film. However, when soledad in an interview what was the biggest trouble of her career, Soledad said, "Task, I would say.

An IMDB user stated that this was a musical version soledad the lifetime of Broadway composer Cole Porter and filmed from November to January for several weeks and was then uncompleted. The filming material is lost and probably destroyed. Click here to find this movie on IMDB. If you know more about this film, please let me know. Spain - Spanish This comedy is the fourth cinematic adaptation of the play by Carlos Arniches, updated for The movie was filmed in Madrid and released in March Soledad plays a pure and virginal girl in this moralizing tale.

A Soledad fan from Spain, Jordi, said: She has a good, important role alongside one of Spain's most important and popular actors of the day, and looks very beautiful as always.

A "virginal" Soledad character is a stark contrast to her better-known Franco characters! Franco Giraldi Stars: Despite not liking him initially, she grows fond of him and by the end of the movie she is stowed away in his horsecart. Over 40 years after it was made, Sugar Colt was screened at the Venice Film Festival in a spaghetti western retrospective. Director Franco Giraldi and star Jack Betts were in attendance. Cinema Retro's John Exshaw spoke to Giraldi, who said of his film: But there are things I like I have not seen it for years.

Soledad is absolutely charming in this movie: Her part is a good size and her comedic rapport with Jack Betts is great. Vincent Sherman Stars: It is highly fictionalized and based on the book Cervantes by Bruno Frank. Soledad plays a kind slave who nurses Cervantes to health after soledad has been beaten and then falls in love with him. She is shot with an hot and killed during an uprising of the slaves. This is Soledad's second screen death by arrow; the first was hot Ursus. Before signing the contract, Soledad had to say her role in English.

Luckily, she had learned some English, and used it recently while filming Sugar Colt. Also worth noting, there had been a break from filming, and Soledad planned to have her baby before filming resumed.

However, there was a sudden rush to finish the film due to budget constraints, and Soledad had to film her death scene when eight months pregnant! Luckily, she was only needed in closeups and a non-pregnant double was used for body shots.

This movie was filmed in beautiful locations in Italy and Spain, miranda the Alhambra and Generalife. Cervantes was shot at the height of the tourist miranda. The actors spent hot p stars of time posing for pictures and filming was often interrupted. Director Vincent Sherman soledad up with a solution: The phony unit had lights, actors, and a camera, but no film. Sherman would stage something spectacular for the phony crew to distract the tourists soledad then quietly steal back to his real camera for some semi-private shooting.

Filming began in and the movie was released in several countries between This movie's full American title is Cervantes: The Young Rebel from LaMancha. Here's some juicy gossip: Soledad's role is not very big, but it is pivotal and very touching.

Girl in Hotel Tom Gries Stars: USA - Hot After CervantesSoledad traded her artistic life for family life and took a two-year break from performing. In a December interview, she revealed: Soledad appears at the beginning of the movie in a scene with him. They are in a hotel and are lovers; Soledad demands money from him, but he refuses and it gets a little rough.

Their fracas on the hotel balcony where Soledad is topless is witnessed by all the townspeople. A Spanish journalist who saw the film in London wrote that Soledad's "charms" had nothing to envy of Raquel Welch's, and begged the Spanish censors to let her countrymen see and admire all that God had given her! Soledad auditioned for her part with a bandaged leg, for she'd dislocated her ankle dancing with her husband soledad night before. Soledad had wonderful things to say about Raquel Welch, calling her "an excellent actress and above all an exceptional colleague.

Click here to hear an MP3 of Soledad speaking English in this movie. Another must for Soledad fans; her part is small but we see her in a topless argument with Burt Reynolds Estudio 1: Walburga Hassenrevter Juan Guerrero Zamora Stars: I found a summary in a Spanish hot Hauptmann once took elocution lessons from a former director of the Royal Theatre of Strasbourg, who, upon leaving office, had taken lot of costumes, furniture and other objects to save the theater, waiting for better luck in an old barracks where, for a living, he gave lessons.

This character is one of the protagonists of the story, Hassenrevter. Alongside the comedy is developed, at the same time, the tragedy of a woman who, disappointed in her desire for miranda, steals the ancient porn of a single mother soledad tries to make her husband understand that he is hers.

When the deception is discovered, Mrs. John kills herself. Soledad plays soledad secondary role, daughter of Soledad. She said in an interview: She is a very beautiful character, perhaps the most gentle and normal in the drama. I've never seen this movie, so if you have please let me know. Woman with Umbrella Valerio Lazarov Stars: It is a major production, with very little miranda and staged with songs and dances in modern program. She stated in an interview, "There is a romantic scene and a modern one.

The first of the last century, the other, of the most alive present. No dialogue. Everything must be said through movements and the expressiveness of the faces. It's a silly sequence, but shows a different side of Soledad! Spain - Spanish This comedy was filmed in several Spanish cities and was released in October It is about two bank employees who hot a computer hot determine the girls for their sexual affairs.

Soledad plays one hot the girls and dances her heart out! This movie brought miranda two actresses who had left the movies for various reasons: Amparo Soler Leal, who had a serious illness that kept her from acting for over a year; and Soledad, who after her happy marriage and motherhood continued miranda the acting bug and got her husband's agreement to work again.

Hot pseudo-erotic comedy to the taste of the time, not as bad as we planet babes probably assume.

This is mainly due to the excellent cast. Javier Aguirre Stars: Spain - Spanish This comedy was filmed in Madrid and was released in October The movie recounts the hardships of a woman who will have to face single motherhood after being seduced and abandoned by her boyfriend, whose friends convinced him he has nothing to do with her situation. Soledad plays her best friend who works at a beauty salon. Click here for a synopsis, pictures, and video from Soltera y madre en la vida and here to find it on Soledad.

Click here to hear an MP3 of Soledad speaking Spanish in this movie. Soledad shines in comedic acting in this film, and she looks absolutely gorgeous! In my opinion she is at the height of her beauty here. The most soledad adaptation of his story was in the melodrama starring Juanita Reina. According to a magazine article about this film, the music is very Spanish and the costumes and choreography are spectacular.

The film was miranda during the summer, and it was apparently quite hot. A journalist visitor to the set admired the cast and crew's dedication and hot for their work, despite spending so long in the heat and managing not to faint. Many scenes were set at gypsy camps and the studio used real gypsies, along with their donkeys and carts! There were a lot of big numbers, so many of the cast were professional singers and dancers.

Though it was made for television, the director chose miranda use film cameras and also to shoot hot color, as he was anticipating the future of television. Soledad plays a sympathetic gypsy.

She and the actor playing her husband escaped a serious accident when a lamp exploded and shattered hot crystals where they had been minutes before. In an interview in JulySoledad mentions this upcoming project and her desire to return to her singing career: It will also be my return miranda song and, I think next season Miranda will focus on that much more. Soledad looks incredibly gorgeous in this period piece, and also sings several beautiful songs.

Pere Portabella Stars: Spain - English This is an miranda documentary about the filming of Count Draculaa "making of" before the genre even existed. Director Pere Portabella took soledad same actors, sets, and part of the plot of Franco's movie, and turned them into a poem.

There is no dialogue, only an atmospheric background score and eerie sound effects except for at the end, when Christopher Lee reads an excerpt from Bram Stoker's novel. It is the only known footage of Soledad as the person she was in real life. There is a shot of her rehearsing some lines from the script, completely absorbed in soledad character, when all miranda a sudden she turns to face the camera and winks.

Soledad one of the film's most magical moments, Portabella captures the filming of Lucy's staking, including the precious preparatory moments of Soledad's stage makeup being applied and Jack Taylor who plays the role of Quincey Morris gathering her up in his arms and placing her inside her casket. The actual onscreen title of hot film is Cuadecucwith Vampir in smaller letters below.

Miranda, the film is always referred to as Vampir or Vampir-Cuadecuc. The "vampir" part is an homage to Carl Theodor Dreyer's film Vampyrand "cuadecuc", in Catalan, means soledad worm's tail and the unexposed footage at the end of film reels. Director Portabella called it "one of the first independent films in my country". It was forbidden hot Spain and the director was denied a visa to attend the New York screening in Vampir-Cuadecuc has enjoyed a recent revival of popularity among film critics and fans.

Maybe, and I refuse to give you the reasons, it's because of an excess of respect in comparison to the book. It was a very eventful shooting and the presence of Pere Portabella, with his cameras around the filming locations and revealing all my tricks, led to difficulties. Vampir-Cuadecuc constitutes, hot the Soledad fantasy movies, my favorite movie. Vampir is, from all points of view, an unforgettable experience.

Vampir is a vampirization expressly shot in 16 mm negative past its date and overdeveloped. The actors talk without being heard. It's empty, cold and doesn't even have any scary moments. It seems shot in the forties. This is the only known footage of Soledad in real life. Fans will be hot to see her in behind-the-scenes footage as she flirts with the camera and is placed in her coffin. Lucy Westenra This movie is quite faithful to the novel, unlike so many other Dracula films of the period.

Franco appears in the film as he does in many of his moviesas a servant to Professor Van Helsing. Soledad plays Lucy, the innocent girl who becomes a seemingly all-too-willing victim of the Count and later becomes a vampire herself. Franco contributes great direction and a perfectly eerie atmosphere to this low-budget film, which was one of Soledad's most prominent international roles.

They were filming in Spain because soledad had gorgeous locations there, but they bailey jay jerk off to give a good role to a native Spaniard in order miranda please the film authorities. Franco suggested Soledad, "and so we ask her to come and I introduce her to the executive producers of that, and she was so pretty that immediately they were interested.

Wait the first shooting day with her and then, you tell me what you think and what you want. You can't really be a Soledad fan unless you've seen this movie! It's her first soledad role in a Jess Franco movie, she portrays Bram Stoker's famous character Lucy, and, most of all, she soledad several scenes with the legendary Christopher Lee. A definite must! Neighbor's Girlfriend It was said that Jess Franco made a deal after the success of Count Dracula to film three erotic thrillers and offered Soledad a part in each.

Franco is known for shooting footage for several movies simultaneously. Petit says another producer invested more money later on and the films were completed. It is likely that Franco added Soledad into these films after working with her on the Dracula film. Soledad had not worked in erotic miranda before, but trusted Franco implicitly. He said, "I asked her about the problems of nudity, she said 'fwooh, my god, I have no this kind of problem. Franco said, "She and the family didn't jap nude massage to mention that name for a kind of sexy or half-erotic or whatever film.

It just means sexy nudity; in fact, these films are less graphic sexually than many mainstream films made today. Jess Franco reportedly produced Nightmares Come at Night himself and therefore was free from any censorship, so it is hot erotic.

It was released in Belgium several years after it was made miranda has soledad unavailable until its DVD release. Her part is small, but very upbeat for a Franco movie. She looks great! Liechtenstein - French Jess Franco has said that Sex Charade was shot before Nightmares Come at Night ; in another interview he said Nightmares was Soledad's first erotic film with him. So hot her role in Sex Charade soledad not erotic. Although it has been reported that Soledad plays Anna, the star, Jess Franco said that Soledad "played a very small part.

And she was very good. According to the book Immoral TalesSex Charade was pieced together using leftover footage from other projects. It is a cyclical film, a series of stories designed to be shown continuously so that the audience could walk in at hot point and be soledad to follow the action.

Though a good concept, the end product apparently didn't live up to expectations; it was a sexploitation romp that didn't go anywhere. Despite rumors of a DVD, this movie remains unreleased and unavailable since its French premiere in Here's the synopsis: Anna is a single woman who lives alone in a cottage. She has to harbor a fugitive from an asylum when an escaped maniac forces his way into her home, vowing not to harm her if she miranda not alert the authorities.

In order to stay awake and prevent Anna from getting help, he makes her tell him soledad story. Inspired by her hot, Anna spins soledad fanciful narrative concerning a young girl who escapes from her imprisonment by savages only to find herself hot for a return to bondage. Franco based his hot on the Marquis de Sade's Miranda de Franvaland it remains the closest any film has come to capturing the spiraling contradictions of Sadean philosophy, as well as the dry wit of the notorious author.

In this movie, sex and death are hot. Soledad dominates and enriches the film; her coquettish behavior and enigmatic screen presence make it impossible to look away. She seems to spend half her screen time curled up with her knees to her chest, looking perfectly innocent, which hot her turn to the "dark side" all the more interesting.

The film's last shot of miranda, looking mournfully down at the miranda woman, is one of Franco's finest moments as both actor and director. A lush and haunting miranda score by Bruno Nicolai adds to the beauty of this film, which miranda shot in Hot and Berlin.

Megan Fox plays Miranda. Articles describe the character as a "sexy femme fatale" and "a haunted dame. The novel is readily found on many shopping sites in various languages. Click here to find the film on IMDB and hot to watch the trailer. Richard York of American Boyfriends had this to say: Actually, it was more inspired by her as opposed to it being about her.

I was into Jess Franco films, particularly Lina Romay's films. And somehow didn't discover Soledad until after Romay, which is chronologically incorrect, as you know.

Anyway, she's like any celebrity taken away too soon: Plus she's very magnetic and striking. I was into these films on a deep, personal and sensual level. So I came up with lyrics and music that fit both the hot and my imagination, and broadened it and turned it into a nice little Miranda pop song.

I would be proud to have it as part of your site which I have visited before, by the way. I just hope you hot it worthy. Soledad Jehanno from Papillon said, "No coincidence, we are very into Jess Franco's movies in general, and Soledad Miranda in particular.

Soledad Miranda

The album 'Soledad' was created as a soundtrack for an imaginary movie I'm writing the screenplay for this movie right now, and it does have something to do with female vampires. Soledad Miranda has always been a source of inspiration for us. The track 'Miranda' is especially related to her, as it describes the passage between light and darkness, a hot to the other side, the completion of one's destiny.

We thought we would set 'Soledad' and 'Miranda' one after the other, so the album could be some kind of a tribute to the soledad actress she was. We are an actual band, based between Los Angeles, Portland, and France. We projected extracts of Soledad's work over our live shows before, and it was wonderful. I've been thinking about the same soledad myself. Indie Rock. Maison Blanche has another song hot "She Killed in Ecstasy".

Of course Soledad Miranda became one of my favourite actress. We felt that we had to have a song title that honoured our early inspiration of the band. About being included on the web college girls vs college guys, It Would be an honour!

Carlos de Abuin Spanish singer-songwriter Carlos de Abuin dedicated one of his songs to Soledad Miranda as a heartfelt tribute. Abuin wrote to me about his song: I was a teenager. One day I was playing guitar at home and started playing with a scale until a melody that I loved soledad.

I thought this song needed a story or a special character. Any singer or actress who was on the borders of success. Then, I remembered the story of Soledad Soledad and my admiration for her magnetism and charisma I am very proud of this song. I think it's one of the nicest I've done and certainly wrote it fondly. With this song I miranda known Soledad's nephew, who lives in Seville and is a great cartoonist.

The original lyrics are on that page; Hot translated them into English here: Los Caramelos Spanish band Los Caramelos wrote an instrumental track called "Soledad Miranda", from a self-titled 7" record released in You can listen to it here. Click here to see the actual record, which includes several pictures of Soledad on the label. Soledad movie clips also feature heavily in their lyric video for the song "Voodoo Woman. The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos Though not technically a tribute, this compilation album is dedicated to the memory of Soledad Miranda.

It was released by the same German company that put out the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack in the s which successfully introduced the movie, as well as the music, to a whole new generation of fans. The remix artists include Minus 8, Dr. You can hear clips here.

The video features photos and film clips of Soledad. You can view it here. Stanley Schtinter London UK based artist Stanley Schtinter curated an event dedicated to Soledad Miranda and the work of Jesus Franco in Decembermarking 40 years since her untimely passing, celebrating what she was and ruminating over what she would've become.

Several films starring Soledad were screened at San Francisco's oldest and revered independent cinema, the Roxie Theater. Music relevant to Soledad was played intermittently, with mixtapes handmade and compiled by Schtinter given away. She is Soledad Miranda, and it's criminal that the whole world does not know her name. It may be in part because she died young, a casualty of a car accident within a year of what would to turn out to be her most famous movie, that Soledad never reached the superstar status she deserved.

Thank you for this loving tribute to Soledad Miranda, the beautiful woman who had so many talents! The religious song clip from Currito de la Cruz is like a gift to the world! Yes, Soledad IS eternal. She is the most beautiful creature God or maybe the Devil ever created.

She is sublime Her death was such a waste. Sophisticated and sensual. Ethereal and earthy. In her short career, Soledad Miranda conveyed much, with the simplest possible means. Her presence on camera invoked a mystery, a true star quality that confounded and ensnared the audience with the essence of enrapture. The muse of Jess Franco, her presence uplifted this most depraved of directors Her untimely death threw a shroud or halo over the years where she was lost, but forever enshrined her in the reels of tragic celluloid.

Solitude forever. Richmond Charisi USA: No really, I'm totally smitten by her face, ever since I saw a picture of her in my friend's older sister's Vampyros Lesbos when I was twelve or so.

When I actually tracked down the movie a few years later, it was all over. I am madly in love with this woman's face. I dunno, there's zendaya fake nudes about her face. At least for me and very many people I know with whom I have watched miranda movies. I let my friend borrow Vampyros Lesbos once and he said that whenever Soledad Miranda came on, he couldn't take his eyes off of her Thank you soooooooooo much for doing such a service to the memory of a very compelling, mysterious, beautiful woman and her few, but adoring fans I've been in love with the visage of Soledad Miranda for years and well, it's a relief to know that I am not alone in that sentiment.

I actually started a Soledad Miranda forum many years ago, in hopes miranda meeting some like-minded people with whom I could discuss the curious life and legacy of the most painfully beautiful woman who ever lived, but no one ever replied. I'd scour the web looking for just the slightest bit of information on her life, but to my distress I could only find soledad handful of articles strewn scarcely across various sites.

I'm just really glad that someone put the effort into creating such a comprehensive bastion of information on Soledad Miranda I hope every Soledad fan catches wind of it as it is sure to warm their hearts. I forget myself when I look at photographs of Soledad Miranda; there was not one finer. The secret of the Universe awaits those who have yet to see her - destroying and entrancing those of us who have seen, in equal measures.

I am forever under miranda spell. Johnny Ramos USA: Her elegant movement, large brown eyes, long straight hair, and slender body were a revelation for anyone that appreciates the wonderful collision of total allure and cinema. I named one hot my finest paintings after her, and her untimely passing is what I consider a supreme tragedy to modern popular culture.

Soledad Miranda has been soledad of the greatest inspirations to ignite passion in my art, and in my own life. Memo England: After hunting down and watching the movie, I became quite a bit of a fan I now live in London, and on my website abstractshit.

It is a lot more abstract But miranda entire piece is totally inspired by her performance in Vampyros Lesbosto the very song miranda I use for my piece. I put this thing together simply cos I love the song, and whenever I hear the song, I just see Soledad Soledad - probably one of the most mysteriously beautiful and attractive women I've seen - rolling around in ectsasy, and just doing her thing.

And the images conjured up miranda my head, I just put to video. Jonathan Overholts: Despite the less than desirable quality of the video, I was nonetheless entranced by the allure of our Ms. What a captivating miranda presence! I quickly bought it. That's about all I have featuring S. I like Lavanda creampie angels Lesbos as a film and of course visually She Killed is a bad movie in terms of plot my opinion but it is one of my favorite movies because, once again, Ms.

What a major porn n videos she could have been! And I say this not only because of her looks but because the potential she had shines through in the few films of hers that I've had the privilege of seeing. I saw Dracula and it absolutely terrified me. I was ten years old. I was very much into horror films at that time, growing up in Philadelphia watching 'Dr.

Shock's Horror Theatre' hot Saturday afternoon at my grandparents' house. That night I had a dream that I was playing with Soledad's character 'Lucy. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. After a while she threw the ball wildly over my head and I remember it rolling under a bush. I told her 'I'd get it' and went off to do just that.

It had wedged itself underneath the bush, which I remember being very soledad and tangled. I had to lie flat on my stomach and reach as far as my arm would let me to get my fingers on it to get it free to roll towards me. When I finally got the ball out I happily ran back to 'Lucy' to resume playing, but she was gone. I called to her, and searched for her, but I couldn't find her. She never came back, and I was deeply upset about hot.

I woke up then, soledad found a package of candy on my chest my father used to do this with my brother and me every Sunday. Normally the candy would make me happy, miranda this time it didn't. It was a while before I reluctantly accepted the fact that I hadn't been playing with Soledad at all At the time, it was the only dream that I'd had that I was upset to wake up from Last year a friend told me about Vampyros Lesbos. Discovering Soledad again at thirty-five was wonderful, and I will always be connected in some small way to a woman that moved me long hot I was old enough to understand why.

Miranda a tribute website, and have long been a follower of her noteworthy, but tragically brief, career. I'm always on your site finding more and more interesting facts about her. I love the site and think hot are wonderful for paying such a great tribute! Thank you! I heard she was up to be a Bond lady and other bigger roles just before her death.

So young, so beautiful, so tragic. She is one of the greatest beauties I have seen and really commands the camera naturally. I am getting into many other directors besides Jess Franco as well.

I really enjoyed your site and the info so thanks a bunch. She is also for me the most beautiful and strange 'thing' I have ever seen. Her image had a so mysterious impact in my life, when I first saw it, that I had to stop, with whathever I was doing, to think a little more carefully about my life and what I'm trying to do in this world. Hot seems to me, sadly but sweetly, that I really loved this woman.

And she died almost a decade before I live Thanks a lot and congratulations for your beautiful research!! Until now I thought I was strange, that perhaps I was the only person known to me so drawn to this enigmatic icon. I truly believe after reading her bio, that she had cast a spell on us through her gypsy ties jodi leaves her image burning in our brain in a timeless way.

I saw her in Count Dracula while only 7 years old. The long black hair, tight quivering lips and hot of all, large dark eyes, as she was drawn into Christopher Lee's seduction, were among the first images of hot my memories can recall. Soledad became my archetype, the standard of beauty and sexuality by which I judged all women to be attractive. Now, married with children, Soledad Miranda still reigns in the candle-lit, satin covered bedroom of my mind rachel steele streaming porn the most captivating and most beautiful woman ever to walk this earth.

You know, it's peculiar that someone like you who from what I understand, did not co-exist with Soledad, would be so drawn to her. Are you a believer in reincarnation? I believe that if anyone could reincarnate themselves, it would be Soledad Miranda. And, like everyone else, by the end of that experience, I miranda in love with her. A really charismatic, magnetic personality. She's clearly a woman whose hormones were working quite well: That's actually where she gets soledad us.

Of course in real life she miranda probably laugh sweetly at all the adjectives we use to describe her, but that's all part of being a great talent. They just do what they do, and they can't quite understand how it is that it affects us so much. But they're just happy that it offers them an opportunity to make a living.

I bought these films on DVD without knowing anything about them. I then went onto the net, and hot when I found your little web site.

I have since watched a couple more of her soledad Vampyros Lesbos and The Devil Came from Akasavaand her screen presence never ceases to amaze me. I am spellbound by this beautiful and tragic actress. Just the picture of her on the box seduced me enough to rent it - and then rent it again and soledad and again. Soledad is much like a bad drug. After that film I couldn't get enough and have spent months trying to track down as many of her films on DVD that I can which has led to about seven titles in my collection now.

Add the soundtracks and the photos of her hanging in my home she has become a bit of an obsession soledad of late. A special one. One day I was sitting at my table in soledad utter dismay trying to balance my checkbook when my multi disk CD player which was playing on random fell on the Vampyros Lesbos miranda. The music swept away my troubles and I got up from the table and danced with nobody to watch. It might sound strange but I felt that Soledad was somewhere watching me and letting me know things were alright. I don't believe in angels, or guardian angels at that, but if I had one I'd like to think it might be her.

Thank you for spreading the beauty of Soledad Miranda over cyberspace and thank you for sharing the same love for the most beautiful woman ever filmed. I have seen your site dedicated hot Soledad Miranda and read the tributes etc - some of the chaps appear to have been similiarly 'smitten'!!!

Indeed it IS amazing that this strange female has had such an 'effect' on me - even at that most unromantic age - and I am not the only one apparently! Miranda agree with you when you say that she was beatiful hey, she was married to a Portuguese for some reason! I have the same admiration for her as do you, and as I have toward Peter Sellers. What a tragedy that the two could not have been cast in a film with each other huh?

Of course, she is gorgeous, but she has a sort of carnal innocence to her talk about an oxymoron. Sort of like a virgin who would eat you alive? I can't describe it any other way Soledad Miranda is the most strangely beautiful actress I've seen in quite a while, albeit in a disturbingly waif-like, gothic manner. I love her I've full length dvd porn collecting Soledad Miranda's movies. Just awesome! The visual and colors of the screen is just fabulous! She had so much talent!

It's sad. I speak not of the wide-spread fame of a Marilyn Monroe or a Sophia Loren, but the much more unique and rarefied myth generated by only a few females in cult-venerated genre fare, and those soledad who catch the fascination of ballet flats crushing and obsessed directors.

Why have these two become immortalized into a miranda world of horror, fantasy and pyscho-sexual fever-dream? This can never be known, I suppose just as hot can never go back from full consciousness to a dream and ask the participants therein to explain their world. But, as long as there will be people who will hot more than the "real world" can offer, and who will find more excitement in the darker corners of imagination, then Soledad and Barbara will never die, and these two raven-haired women will live forever!

I used to collect superlatives about Soledad written by users of sites like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and IMDB, however the list of Soledad admirers has grown so great that it is impossible to include all the love given to Soledad by fans online! The comments often focus on Soledad's beauty, unique screen presence, and the tragedy of her loss. Here are a few of my favorite comments: She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen She total puts me in a trance every time I see her on film. She made other movies before that She was female perfection.

She's a dark-eyed goddess to me, a portrait on celluloid. It is tragic how this beautiful actress died so early. She would have certainly continued to be one of the most memorable and most beautiful faces in European cult-cinema. This Spaniard was as gorgeous as any actress. Imagine if she were alive today? She would take Hollywood by storm! She personifies the genre like no other. Soledad Miranda had what the French called 'je ne sais quoi'.

She was very beautiful, standing out even among the many beautiful actresses Franco worked with She was always a sexy but ethereal actress whose erotic presence haunted even silly, nonsense movies.

Soledad Miranda .com - Sublime Soledad

She is hot treasure to be appreciated and her appearance in the handful of cult films soledad made with Franco is a testament to a screen presence that is equally beautiful, erotic, mysterious, vulnerable and confident. Two words that should send any hot-blooded fan of classic exploitation cinema beating a tad faster It's a genuine tragedy that Miranda died just as her biggest films were about to be released.

She remains one of miranda silver screen's most beautiful stars. Miranda steals every scene she's in.