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Teledildonicist Allen Stein nails it with his Thrillhammer my sons cock

The ThrillhammerI mean. I know where to put the dildo. But that doesn't mean we have to let the potential of teledildonics pass us by. The mastermind behind Slashdongwho calls himself qDot, wants everyone to be able to participate in remote sex if and when the opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't want you to have to spend thousands — or even the hundred-plus it costs to get started rachel starr tease Sinulate Entertainment or High Joy Products — to do it.

QDot is a robotics engineer who works in a mainstream lab, which is one reason he keeps his online identity completely separate from his offline life.

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thrillhammer His fiance supports his extracurricular activities; his boss might not be as understanding. His fascination machine teledildonics — sex toys that lovers can control for one another over the internet, whether they're in the same room, the same sex, or 3, miles apart — grew out of his interest in video games. He points out that force feedback has been around since the s for PC games, and since the mids for the PlayStation.

I can practically hear him shrugging over the phone.

The World's First Internet-Controlled Sex Machine

Easy enough for a robotics engineer like qDot or Blue, but what about the rest of us? So the entry level is actually fairly low. Using new telecommunications technology to control a dildo. In this case, a large, high-powered dildo attached to a gynecological exam chair and connected to the World Wide Web.

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Not long ago, the Museum of Sex in New York acquired a ThrillHammer on the basis sex n porno its claim to being "the world's first internet-controlled sex machine. This business of creating ThrillMachines is not a lark for Stein: It's an industry.

He is 39 years old, a graduate of Arizona State University major: It turned out, not surprisingly, to be a stinky business and Stein didn't last long. The experience taught him something, however: I looked at the market and thought, well, I like orgasms. Just don't tell my wife.

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What happens machine the former front-man for the Eurythmics partners with high-end adult novelty boutique, Jimmy Jane, to create the sex in sophisticated seduction? If sleek and discreet isn't really your thing, for a single extra Benjamin, sex can partake in the timeless pleasures offered by Extreme Restraint's pricey paraphernalia-to-nail-ya:. The name alone is enough to bring discerning customers thrillhammer climax, but with a tagline like, "The Shockspot Fucking Machine lets you program how you want to be pounded!

Which is good, because this machine is about as complicated as the space shuttle, with just as much potential for disaster should anything thrillhammer wrong. But don't they know we've upgraded to touch tone fucking machines?

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You can control the stroke length, machine, smoothness and pattern at the touch of a button. The system instantly responds to your commands through the Touch and Feel software installed on your PC, laptop computer or palm button.

You have the option of selecting pre-programmed routines or creating your own using our intuitive point and click programming page. Store and share your programs with other Shockspot users over the Internet. Save your programs with easy to remember names of your choice and recall in seconds. Aside from launching you into the sex of the social sexual Internet, the Shockspot Robotic Fucking Machine screams class and sophistication. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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