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Ever sextronix I stumbled onto Alysha on Pornhub, I hardly ever watch any other porn star but her. She has something about her that alysha a total turnon. She is one very very sexy lady who certainly knows her sexual stuff. I really like Alysha and truly enjoy watching her fuck. Any idea when she will start making movies or contributing to her web site with new scenes?

Your email address will not be published. Naughty Alysha — User rating. Naughty Alysha — Life and Porn Ass feet soles. With that type of advertisement, our member base grew even larger. So Adam and I naughty able to quit our jobs and focus on making my site better. Your website is fantastic! There are tons of pictures of you, lots of information, and links to your blog. In who biography on your website, you describe a lot about your early life and your desire to be a bit more experimental than you had been in previous relationships.

1) What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

It seems like when you met Adam naughty perspective on relationships really expanded. How would you explain your relationship? I really appreciate that! Who yes, we are definitely partners in every aspect of our lives. We've been pretty much inseparable since we met in I consider us an awesome team, both in our professional and personal lives.

Simply put, we are soul mates. What was the first time you realized you liked large things larger than big dicks in your vagina? Honestly, it was long before Adam when I would experiment with stretching here and there. I've just always loved that feeling of being stuffed and pulled open. You have said in your biography that you are a Southerner and manners and politeness are important to you. Do you have to hotmovies com free men differently in different regions to get them to hook up with you?

What is one of your favorite cities for hook ups? Alysha really.

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Latest Photos get access. Best Friends Always Share 57 Photos. Bottom of the Toy Box 84 Photos. Late Night Toy Play 73 Photos. Dessert Before Dinner 85 Photos. I Love To Stretch 92 Photos. Gangbang With Kay 2 Photos. Gangbang With Kay Photos.

Playing With the Big Dawgs 67 Photos. So besides the obvious, it was just a busty canadian girls shoot in general. I actually get a lot of emails asking this same thing. I personally feel that before you can be a better partner for someone else, you need to be better with yourself.

I mean, how is your partner supposed to know what feels good to you, if you don't? Bottom line in my opinionis first and foremost Get yours, and everything else just sorta follows. Well of course, there's always sex. I think I've achieved so much already. I've made some really great friends along who journey. I also believe I've helped others in trying to explore their alysha sexual side. I think more than anything, I would love to think that I can help others see sex as something to be shared, explored, and enjoyed.

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God made it feel good, so why not take His gift and say thank you. It all depends on my horniness at that moment. I had a fantastic upbringing. I was brought up in a very southern type household.

I was taught to who my manners and treat people with respect. My parents were very loving alysha kind. Naughty as I said, no childhood issues.

I started exploring my body at a very young age. I learned that if I touched myself a certain way, it felt really good.

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I would masturbate and think about Stevie Nicks I swear. I liked guys, but never really fantasized about them. So, I decided to try to do the same thing just without the guys. I used everything from a hot dog to a magic marker. BUT, once I lost it I sorta went wild. I had my first 3some when I was I went off into the woods with two guys and let them have their way priscilla presley porn me, or maybe I should say I had my way with them.